With a little help from nature, your body can cure itself. Our plant-derived Phytoceuticals make it happen.

AlchemLife’s plant-derived Phytoceuticals deliver clinically tested efficacy, and are safe for long term use. They activate your body’s natural ability to cure itself, the way nature intended it. Safely and effectively.


The world of AlchemLife

Phytotherapy is a modern science based medical practice that relies on pharmacological studies of medicinal plants to make them far more reliable, effective and objective.

Phytoceuticals are plant derived cures that have clinically tested efficacy and are safe for long term use.

Phyto-actives® are the specific actives in a medicinal plant that actually have the power to cure.

PhytoAdvance® is our proprietary extraction technology that ensures extraction of Phyto-actives® in a way that preserves the balance in which they exist in nature.

Our Phytoceuticals blend traditional medicinal knowledge with the modern science of Phytotherapy.

For centuries plant knowledge has guided medicine, but Phytotherapy changes the game.

Applying the principles of Phytotherapy has helped us develop clinically tested plant derived cures called Phytoceuticals that deliver the efficacy we expect of modern medicine. And they are all natural—making them safe for long term use too.


Our proprietary PhytoAdvance® extraction technology puts Phytotherapy into action. Superior plant extracts for superior efficacy.

The science of Phytotherapy doesn’t start in the lab. It begins at the source. We leverage it to identify plants that are naturally superior, geographically specific and harvested at exactly the right time. Only the perfect plants end up in the chosen lots.

Thereafter, we use our sophisticated PhytoAdvance® technology to extract Phyto-actives® in a way that preserves the perfect balance in which they exist in nature.

Each batch of Phyto-actives® is then scientifically fingerprinted to ensure standardised quality. The end result—superior plant extracts that have the power to activate the body to cure itself. Effectively, consistently and safely.


75+ years of research and development has led us here

For over three quarters of a century Alchem has studied and extracted critical plant derived active pharmaceutical ingredients for some of the world's biggest and most advanced pharma, cosmetics, and nutraceutical companies.

Today, our Phytoceuticals go a step further by applying the science of Phytotherapy through our sophisticated PhytoAdvance® technology to offer highly efficacious and safe natural healthcare solutions.